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Lighting Technology I: An Introduction to Lighting Tech

Introductory course introduces students to the basic lighting technologies used in theatre and develops knowledge about theatre electrics, controls and maintenance. Course Information: Field ... continue reading

Luis Alfaro Residency Project Website

Led by Principal Investigators, Christine Dunford and Young Richard Kim, The Luis Alfaro Residency Project (LARP), funded through the University of Illinois Presidential Initiative: Expanding ... continue reading


Directed by Christina El Gamal and Yasen PeyankovMovement and Mime Work: Alex B. Rodriquez and Claire KaplanIntimacy and Violence Director: Jyreika Guest It’s 1808 ... continue reading

UIC alumnus, ‘Family Ties’ actor Michael Gross donates papers

Actor and University of Illinois Chicago alumnus Michael Gross watched as UIC School of Theatre students rehearsed the play “Marat/Sade,” set in an asylum ... continue reading

New Play Festival

Founded by Professors Bonnie Metzgar and Lydia Diamond, the UIC New Play Festival is an annual celebration of new plays and new playwrights at ... continue reading

Theatre Season 23/24

IF I CAN’T DANCE, I DON’T WANT TO BE PART OF YOUR REVOLUTION This season, UIC Theatre explores people who crave the life force ... continue reading


Written in 1938 and based on an actual newspaper story, the play follows the events of a prison atrocity that shocked the nation: convicts ... continue reading


In a Gotham-like city, a terrible water shortage, caused by a 20-year drought, has led to a government-enforced ban on private toilets. The citizens ... continue reading


It is the eve of Obama’s first election. Four of Harvard University’s brightest; a surgeon, an actress, a psychologist, and a neuropsychiatrist, are all ... continue reading


Come be a fly on the wall of one of the most influential feminist plays of the 20th Century. Known for its groundbreaking style ... continue reading

BA Theatre Capstone 2023

By Angelina DavilaBA Theatre and Performance, 2023 The THTR 449 Capstone: Senior Project is a required course for BA Theatre and Performance students on ... continue reading

2023 Senior Capstone

Join UIC School of Theatre and Music and enjoy the 2023 Senior Capstone featuring staged readings, new works, and films produced by the Senior ... continue reading

New Play Festival

Enjoy plays written and produced by UIC Theatre Students! Friday, March 10 at 6:30pm satellite skies by Francisco Rodriguez, DEJA AND VENUE by Aisha RomerHALFWAY ... continue reading

Blues for an Alabama Sky

Blues for an Alabama Sky chronicles the aspirations and tribulations of five characters whose lives intersect in an apartment building in Harlem over an eight- week period during the summer of 1930. As the ... continue reading

Bridge to Faculty scholar’s play ‘Romero’ sheds light on martyred social justice icon

Article by Carlos Sadovi/ UIC News In the first few minutes of Xiomara Cornejo’s play “Romero,” Salvadoran archbishop Óscar Arnulfo Romero is assassinated as ... continue reading

August Wilson New Voices Competition

August Wilson New Voices competition preliminary auditions March 8, 2023 This spring, the UIC School of Theatre and Music will host preliminary auditions for the August Wilson New Voices (AWNV) competition, a national competition ... continue reading

August Wilson New Voices Competition

This spring, the UIC School of Theatre and Music will host preliminary auditions for the August Wilson New Voices (AWNV) competition, a national competition that gives students across the country an opportunity ... continue reading

Romero by Xiomara Cornejo

Óscar A. Romero, the Catholic Archbishop of El Salvador who sacrificed his life for the liberation of the poor, is called upon by the ... continue reading

Sexopoly: The One Act Play

Subtext Studio TC presents Sexopoly: The One Act Play; Secrets carry a heavy burden on Amara and Gabriel’s relationship as they navigate the true and false intimacies ... continue reading

Dear, Love & Loss

A series of original monologues that explore Love, Loss, and the Voices in our Heads. Eight phenomenal actors embody shared human experiences with compassion ... continue reading

UIC Theatre Auditions Spring 2023

UIC Theatre Announces Spring  2023 Video Auditions for Yerma by Federico Garcia Lorca, Translated and Adapted by Melinda Lopez  Directed by Edward Torres The Danger A Homage to Strange Fruit ... continue reading

Yasen Peyankov on the Creative Confidence Podcast

Head of Theatre, Yasen Peyankov was interviewed by broadcaster, writer and coach Jude Kampfner on the Creative Confidence Podcast. On the podcast, Yasen discusses ... continue reading

Project Stage – Science Theatre Institute

A day of exploration for K-8 teachers, administrators, informal science educators, teaching artists, and other educators interested in the intersections of sciences, literacies, and ... continue reading

Yerma by Federico García Lorca

Yerma was written by Federico García Lorca in 1934 on the eve of the Spanish Civil war.  Now a world-famous revolutionary playwright and poet, ... continue reading

Pshitter! by Henry Wishcamper

A Drinking Song for the Year of our Lord 2022 (based on Ubu Roi by Alfred Jarry)  By Henry Wishcamper Directed by Yasen Peyankov  In ... continue reading

The Hunchback of Seville

Seville, Spain, 1504. It has been twelve years since Columbus landed in the Americas. Rumors of an ongoing genocide in the new colonies are ... continue reading

Storytelling with Ronnie Preston

UIC’s Native American Support Program and School of Theatre and Music proudly announce an afternoon of storytelling and dance with Ronnie Preston.  Thursday, March ... continue reading

the strangers by christopher oscar peña

Playwright christopher oscar peña reimagined Thornton Wilder’s Our Town with characters who represent our America today—people with a mix of racial, cultural and religious ... continue reading

Theatre Season 22/23

What is the meaning of “home” in a swiftly changing world?” Do we ever feel completely loved if that world is in a constant ... continue reading


Goodman Theatre/League of Chicago TheatresUIC School of Theatre and Music in partnership with Goodman Theatre/League of Chicago Theaters presents the annual August Wilson Monologue ... continue reading

Latinx Authors Share How Their Mexican Culture, Family Influences Their Work

Celebrated playwright Luis Alfaro and acclaimed novelist and short story writer Luis Alberto Urrea treated audience members at the University of Illinois Chicago to ... continue reading

Covid-19 Updates

UNIVERSITY COMMUNICATION Masking and COVID-19 updates, February 28, 2022 Spring semester online start and testing updates, December 20, 2021 BUILDING ACCESSBefore accessing the building ... continue reading

Theatre Degree Auditions

Admission to our theatre programs requires the completion of an audition for BFA Acting and BA Theatre and Performance applicants. Portfolio reviews are required for ... continue reading

ms. estrada

The Q Brothers return to UIC Theatre with their newest work, ms. estrada, inspired by Lysistrata by Aristophanes. Liz Estrada is an honor college ... continue reading

The Crucible

When teenage girls are discovered trying to conjure spirits, the 17th century town of Salem explodes with accusations of witchcraft. The vicious trials that ... continue reading

Theatre Season 2020 – 2021

Truth can be scary. It can leave us in a world of confusion and mix up our core beliefs. It often wakes us from ... continue reading

UIC Theatre: Love’s Labour’s Lost (online)

Love’s Labour’s Lost is one of Shakespeare’s early comedies, believed to have been written in the mid-1590s for a performance at the Inns of Court ... continue reading

Theatre BLM Solidarity Statement, Action Steps, and Land Acknowledgment

9.2.20 UIC THEATRE BLM SOLIDARITY STATEMENTThis summer we have been wrestling with how to proceed in the righting of institutional racism that has methodically ... continue reading

Land Acknowledgment

9.2.20 The UIC School of Theatre and Music sits on the traditional homeland of the original peoples of the area: the Three Fires Confederacy ... continue reading

Bridge to the Faculty Fellowship

10.21.20 STM has been awarded a Bridge to the Faculty fellowship. A committee of eight UIC faculty and administrators from various disciplines reviewed applications ... continue reading

Study Abroad

Eòlia Conservatory of Dramatic Arts STUDY ABROAD EXCHANGE PROGRAMEvery year, multiple UIC Theatre students spend a semester in Barcelona at Eòlia, which places a ... continue reading

Theatre Alumni Russian Exchange

To support international studies at UIC School of Theatre and Music click here and search Valery Beliakovich Fund for International Theatre Studies. Vivid memories ... continue reading

Theatre Group Visits

We offer significant discounts to school groups, and at least one specially scheduled matinee performance each season with opportunities to meet the cast and ... continue reading

August Wilson Monologue Competition

The August Wilson Monologue Competition (AWMC)—a partnership between STM, the UIC CHANCE Program, The League of Chicago Theatres, and the Goodman Theatre—is a national ... continue reading

Independent Study

Individual investigation of special problems that may be student-initiated or related to faculty research. May also be used for special University-sponsored projects, such as ... continue reading


Students work in an approved professional setting. Individual projects developed through conferences with a faculty member and a field supervisor. May be repeated. May ... continue reading

Study Abroad in Theatre

Study abroad within an approved foreign exchange program or department-sponsored program. May be repeated with approval. Approval to repeat course granted by the department. ... continue reading

Practicum in Performance II

Course description TBA

Voice VI: Voice Lab

Previously listed as THTR 479. Ensemble and individual experiences in various advanced voice and speech techniques. Course Information: Prerequisite(s): Grade of C or better ... continue reading

Portfolio Production

Course description TBA

Capstone: Senior Project

Students in their final year will develop, perform in, direct or author a performance piece that will be presented as their capstone project in ... continue reading

Contemporary Performance Techniques

Previously listed as THTR 470. The relationship of contemporary theory and performance techniques with attention to both text and non-text based forms. Topics vary. ... continue reading


Previously listed as THTR 423. The development of scripts for stage performance. Same as ENGL 495. 3 undergraduate hours. Prerequisite(s): Junior standing or above; ... continue reading

Advanced Acting: Audition

Previously listed as THTR 475. Selection and staging of audition pieces from theatre, film, and television. Professional seminars and discussions with actors, directors, agents, ... continue reading

Advanced Acting: Ensemble Project

Previously listed as THTR 459. Process and scoring of character development in a full-length twentieth-century play. May be repeated to a maximum of 6 ... continue reading

Movement VI: Movement Lab

Ensemble created physical theatre. Introduction to devised work. Course Information: Prerequisite(s): THTR 312.

Topics on Performance

Previously listed as THTR 463.

Special Projects in Performance Training

Previously listed as THTR 466. Training in varying advanced techniques of performance. 3 undergraduate hours. May be repeated up to 2 time(s). Prerequisite(s): THTR ... continue reading

Teaching Artist Practicum

Provides students who have completed the teaching artist seminar course with an opportunity to develop expertise as teaching artists through 6-to10-week internship placements with ... continue reading

Teaching Artist Seminar

Introduces students to history of arts in education, and provides hands-on training that prepares them to serve as teaching artists in elementary, high-school, and ... continue reading

Special Projects in Theatrical Design

Previously listed as THTR 464. Twentieth-century styles: design for the contemporary stage. Problems in conceptualization, realization, and execution. 3 undergraduate hours. May be repeated ... continue reading

Voice V: Dialects

Previously listed as THTR 478. Techniques in acting through song and performing in a dialect in musicals and/or plays. Course Information: Prerequisite(s): Grade of ... continue reading

Voice IV: Text Styles

Previously listed as THTR 477. Techniques in various styles of classical and contemporary text, especially heightened language. Course Information: Prerequisite(s): Grade of C or ... continue reading

Acting III: Classics

Students will learn the history, structures, and elements of classical theatre; explore heightened language, and apply this to performance of Greek drama, Commedia Dell’arte, ... continue reading

Stage Direction

Previously listed as THTR 465. Exploration of conceptual planning and implementation skills for the stage director ranging from script interpretation to rehearsal and performance. ... continue reading

Performance Ethnography

Previously listed as THTR 350. Students engage performance as a subject and method of study as they investigate the methods and ethics of conducting ... continue reading

Advanced Acting: Brecht, Beckett, Pinter

Previously listed as THTR 467. Techniques of performing styles in the theatre of alienation and the theatre of the absurd. Focus on interpreting characters ... continue reading

Advanced Acting: Shakespeare

Previously listed as THTR 452. Techniques of performing Greek and Shakespearean drama. Focus on Magical Realism and techniques of performing in verse. 3 undergraduate ... continue reading

Movement and Voice II

Introductory work on the actor’s instrument’s relaxation, alignment, released and supported sound, spatial dynamics, explored along with emotional access and integration of the instrument ... continue reading

Movement V: Character

Previously listed as THTR 412. Specialized instruction in the subjects of comedic, clowning and mask work. Introduction to 16th and 17th-century style of Italian ... continue reading

Movement IV: Style

Previously listed as THTR 410 or 411. Specialized techniques in style, period, and stage combat. Study of mannerisms, social attitudes, etiquette, clothing, dance, art ... continue reading

Individual Topics

Individual investigation of special problems. May be repeated to a maximum of 6 hours. Students may register in more than one section per term. ... continue reading

Practicum in Technical Theatre

Practical experience in various technical areas: scenery construction, set painting, stage lighting, sound, and properties construction. May be repeated to a maximum of 15 ... continue reading

Practicum in Costuming

Practical experience in all aspects of construction and maintenance, including millinery, mask making, wig making, pattern drafting, and makeup application. May be repeated to ... continue reading

Practicum in Theatre Administration

Planning and execution of specific projects in administration and box office; publicity, budget, marketing, house management, and scheduling. May be repeated to a maximum ... continue reading

Practicum in Performance

Rehearsal and performance techniques, including script analysis, characterization, voice, movement, directing, or design. May be repeated to a maximum of 18 hours. Students may ... continue reading

Voice III: Advanced Voice and Speech

Previously listed as THTR 462. Advanced techniques in the integration of voice, speech, dialects, and other text-related vocal performance skills. Prerequisite(s): Grade of B ... continue reading

Voice II: Speech

The relationship between speech, sound and dramatic sense. Detailed work on the principles of speech. Advancement of breath and phonation skills from Voice I. ... continue reading

Makeup Design

Principles of designing and applying makeup for stage performances including prosthetics and wigs. Prerequisite(s): Grade of B or better in THTR 150 or grade ... continue reading

Costume Design II

Practical research and rendering techniques in designing stage costumes for use in theatrical productions. Prerequisite(s): Grade of B or better in THTR 257.

Costume Design I

Basic interpretive and practical techniques in designing stage costumes including conceptualization, rendering and construction techniques. Prerequisite(s): Grade of B or better in THTR 151.

Lighting Design

Basic interpretive and practical techniques in creating and enhancing 3-dimensional performance environments through lighting. Prerequisite(s): Grade of B or better in THTR 150. Class ... continue reading

Set Design II

Basic interpretive and practical techniques in creating 3-dimensional performance environments including conceptualization, drafting, rendering and model building. Students create a design solution for one ... continue reading

Stage Management

Organization and management of personnel and procedures in a theatrical production. Course Information: Prerequisite(s): THTR 121, THTR 150, and THTR 151. Recommended background: THTR ... continue reading

Scenic Design I

Fundamental principles of visual perception: space, mass, balance, line, texture, shape, color, light, movement, tension and their use in creating visual environments for performance. ... continue reading

Acting II: Scene Study

Previously listed as 262. Techniques of interpreting text, character, and dramatic action. Includes attention to alternative dramatic forms and modes of performance. Prerequisite(s): Grade ... continue reading

Improvisation for the Actor

Course description TBA.

Page to Stage: Adaptation of Text for Theatrical Performance

Explores the history, methods, ethics, and aesthetics of adapting non-dramatic texts including fiction, non-fiction, personal narratives and found texts for theatrical performance. No adaptation ... continue reading

Script Analysis for Theatrical Production

Examine and apply fundamental techniques theatre artists use to read, analyze, and organize a play script in preparation for theatrical production. Course Information: Prerequisite(s): ... continue reading

Advanced Acting: Chekhov

Previously listed as THTR 458. Techniques of performing scenes from Chekov’s plays and short stories. Focus on Naturalistic theatre, psychological realism and craft of ... continue reading

Advanced Acting: American Drama

Previously listed as THTR 451. Techniques of performing Classical and Modern American Drama. Focus on character development and interpreting dramatic action. Prerequisites: Grade of ... continue reading

Dance: Hubbard Street

Previously listed and THTR 220. Study in specialized areas of dance (ballet, tap, jazz).

Movement and Voice

Introductory course to build self-awareness of physical and vocal instrument through relaxation, dynamic alignment, concentration, free breath, full release of sound, range of motion, ... continue reading

Movement III: Somatics

Previously listed as THTR 410. Techniques for the development of the “neutral body”. Detailed focus on awareness through movement and somatic. The process of ... continue reading

Movement II: Body/Space

Previously listed as THTR 310. Advanced techniques in the physicalization of performance. Focus on relationship of body to space, time, and partner, kinesthetic response ... continue reading

Practicum in Theatre: Build Crew

Students will receive hands-on experience in the area of technical theater by working as build crew in the areas of set, fly, props, or ... continue reading

Practicum in Theatre: Run Crew

Students will receive hands-on experience in the area of technical theatre by working as run crew in the areas of set, fly, props, lights ... continue reading

Voice I: Voice

Previously listed as THTR 260. Fundamentals of vocal production, their physical and emotional characteristics and their relationship to body, space, action and emotion.

Digital Literacy in the Arts

Course description TBA

Costume Technology I: Introduction to Costume Technology

Fundamentals of costume construction from conception to realization, through the use of sewing machines, pattern making, and historical research with practical projects. 

Fundamentals of Theatre Technology

Introduces students to the history and theory of theatre technology, and provides an overview of theatre technology areas of scenic, costume, lighting and sound.

Acting Fundamentals for Non-Majors

Students are guided through a series of exercises that introduce the fundamentals of acting. Through observation, improvisation, and performances, students will learn to live ... continue reading

Acting I: Fundamentals

Students will be guided through a series of exercises that introduce the fundamentals of acting. Through observation, improvisation, and performances, students will learn to ... continue reading

Acting II: Adaptations

Previously listed as THTR 263. Techniques of adapting and interpreting text from fiction, short stories and novels into short dramatic scenes which the students ... continue reading

Introduction to Acting

Previously listed as THTR 161. Basic vocal and physical stage performance techniques including the role of character in relation to the intellectual and emotional ... continue reading

Movement I: Body/Self

Previously listed as THTR 210. Techniques in physical awareness and expression. Use of Dynamics in movement and text. Prerequisite(s): Credit or concurrent registration in ... continue reading

Introduction to Theatre II: Modern Theatre

Previously listed as THTR 209. Theatre theories and techniques developed between 1870 and the present, notably those of Ibsen, Appia, Stanislavsky, Meyerhold, Brecht, Artaud, ... continue reading

Scenography: Introduction to Principles of Theatrical Design

Scenography is making imagined spaces for theatrical performance. Students learn fundamentals of scenography including theatrical design history, theory, terminology, theatrical styles, script analysis, design ... continue reading

Polish Drama in Translation

Elementary aspects of Polish dramatic theory and close reading of representative scripts selected from various periods. Course Information: Same as POL 140. Taught in ... continue reading

Introduction to American Musical Theatre

A brief history of American musical theatre, its adaptation and alteration of earlier types of theatre, the basic structure of a classic musical, and ... continue reading

History of Chicago Theatre Past and Present

Introduces students to the ideas, individuals, institutions and innovations that shape the field of theatre in Chicago and explores theatre as both a product ... continue reading

Introduction to Theatre

Students explore the history and collaborative nature of the theatre experience through readings, lectures, and attendance at two plays. Culminates in an original small ... continue reading

Introduction to Theatre: Premodern Theatre

Previously listed as THTR 109. Offers an introduction to the history and development of theatre and theatrical literature from the 5th Century BCE (Ancient ... continue reading

Minor in Theatre

If you plan to major in another discipline you can still complete a minor in theatre with only 18 credit hours.  Hone your skills, ... continue reading

Bachelor of Fine Arts in Acting

Gain conservatory-style training in a liberal arts setting through our BFA in Acting, working closely with world-class faculty from Tony Award-winning theatres. You will ... continue reading

Bachelor of Arts in Theatre Design, Production, and Technology

Develop a strong foundation in theatre through core courses then deepen your study in areas of design, production and technology. You can take courses ... continue reading

Bachelor of Arts in Theatre and Performance

Our BA is designed to allow you the freedom to explore a wide range of theatre courses, then focus your studies on one of ... continue reading

About the Theatre Department

UIC currently offers three theatre degrees: Bachelor of Arts in Theatre and Performance Bachelor of Arts in Theatre Design, Production, and Technology Bachelor of Fine ... continue reading

Lydia Diamond in the New York Times: On Racism

Lydia Diamond, Clinical Associate Professor at UIC’s School of Theatre and Music, was featured in the New York Times as one of four voices ... continue reading

Senior Capstone

Students performed and produced a variety of creative projects, demonstrating their authorship, performance, direction, and creativity as part of their Senior Capstone. Congratulations to ... continue reading

Tribute: Associate Professor Emeritus, William “Bill” F. Raffeld

It is with a heavy heart that we share the news that Associate Professor Emeritus, William “Bill” F. Raffeld, passed away peacefully on May ... continue reading

THTR 333 Student Final Projects: Antigonstein

Direction: a kaleidoscopic investigation of the tragedy of Antigone. Inspired by five versions of the play: Antigone by Jean Anouilh, Antigonick by Anne Carson, ... continue reading

Lydia Diamond Wins Horton Foote Playwriting Award

The University of Illinois at Chicago’s Lydia Diamond grew up moving frequently as her single mother’s musical and academic teaching career took her from ... continue reading

UIC-Shakespeare Theater Partnership Supplies 5,000 Masks to UI Health

They used to outfit performers on Chicago’s theater stages, but today costume fabricators from across the city are making patient masks for health care ... continue reading

CPS Students Learn Science through Art and Movement with Project STAGE

Project STAGE, or Science Theater for Advancing Generative Engagement, is a joint initiative between UIC faculty in the Department of Curriculum and Instruction, UIC ... continue reading

Derrick Sanders Receives Tribute Award

Congratulations to Derrick Sanders, Associate Professor, who was honored with a Tribute Award at the 2019 League of Chicago Theatres Annual Gala. Sanders was recognized for his ... continue reading

Announcing UIC Theatre’s 2019–2020 Theatre Season

THE LUCK OF THE IRISH By Kirsten Greenidge Directed by Tyrone Phillips Oct 4–13, 2019 When an upwardly mobile African-American couple wants to buy ... continue reading

Faculty News: Lydia Diamond Nominated for 2019 Writers Guild Awards

Congratulations to Professor Lydia Diamond on receiving a nomination for the episodic drama category of the 2019 Writers Guild Awards (WGA). Professor Diamond’s nomination ... continue reading

Theatre Alum Shines at Goodman

BA Theatre alum Daniel Kyri recently made his Goodman Theatre debut to great acclaim. Kyri performs the role of Shedrick Yarkpai, a Liberian refugee ... continue reading

Valery Beliakovich and International Theatre

In September 1989, after a busy summer of fundraising, 18 theatre students from UIC finally boarded a flight to Moscow to spend two weeks ... continue reading

Yasen Peyankov wins Distinguished Faculty Award

Yasen Peyankov has received the inaugural College of Architecture, Design, and the Arts (CADA) Distinguished Faculty Award. This honorary award acknowledges tenured or clinical ... continue reading

Glengarry Glen Ross: Remix

In 1984 David Mamet received the Pulitzer Prize for his play Glengarry Glen Ross, which chronicles two days in the working lives of four ... continue reading

Learning to Write a Bad Play

Monday’s theatre master class provided something of a twist on the traditional model when Luigi Salerni (retired UIC professor) returned to teach students how ... continue reading

David Kersnar on Snafu

A couple weeks ago I had forgotten my bike helmet so I splurged and took an Uber ride home.  I noticed that my driver ... continue reading

Red Light School District

Have you heard about UIC’s exciting and competitive student-run improv troupe: Red Light School District? One of our theater students sat down with troupe ... continue reading

Teaching Movement in Israel

UIC movement professor Rachelle Tsachor took learning international, teaching two courses in Israel this summer. She started the summer teaching a three-day intensive movement ... continue reading

Free Tickets for UIC Freshmen

Welcome class of 2019! For a memorable start to your UIC career we are offering all freshmen free tickets to any performance of our ... continue reading

Behind-the-Scenes of A Matter of Life and Death

Our final show of the season, the North American premiere of A Matter of Life and Death, directed by Heidi Stillman, opens tomorrow and ... continue reading

Peyankov in Barcelona

Head of Theatre, Yasen Peyankov, travelled to Barcelona at the beginning of spring break to visit the Eòlia Conservatory of Dramatic Arts. He gave ... continue reading

Susan Messing Master Class

Chicago improv icon Susan Messing led a master class for theatre majors yesterday. “Working with Susan Messing was such an honor and a joy!” ... continue reading

Community Award for Theatre Faculty Member

Faculty member Derrick Sanders will be the recipient of the 2014 August Wilson Community Award presented by the Goodman Theatre. On November 6, Chicago’s ... continue reading

Abarbanel in China

In his capacity as chair of the American Theatre Critics Association (ATCA), Jonathan Abarbanel was one of three USA delegates to attend the 27th ... continue reading

Abarbanel at the World Congress of IATC

Adjunct Instructor Jonathan Abarbanel will be one of two United States delegates to the 37th World Congress of the International Association of Theatre Critics ... continue reading

Youth Theatre at UIC

David Kersnar is joining our camp faculty this summer to lead theatre students in the creation of a new work. He will also be ... continue reading

Behind the Scenes: Creating New Work

Have you ever wondered about the creative process behind staging a new theater work? Hear from faculty and students involved in our spring 2014 ... continue reading

UIC and the Best of Chicago Theater this April

If you’re looking for a good show in Chicago this month, chances are you’ll encounter the work of UIC artists. School of Theatre and ... continue reading

Tanera Marshall Named University Scholar

Associate professor Tanera Marshall, who teaches voice in UIC’s acting program, is known among film and TV professionals as a dialect coach. The University ... continue reading

Christine Mary Dunford Nominated for 2013 Jeff Award

Congratulations to Christine Mary Dunford, Director of UIC School of Theatre and Music, who received a 2013 Jeff Awards nomination for her original adaptation ... continue reading

Jonathan Abarbanel Elected Chair of ATCA

Theatre faculty member Jonathan Abarbanel has been elected the new Chair of the American Theatre Critics Association. The American Theatre Critics Association is the ... continue reading