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Choral Festival

Choral Festival

We are excited to conclude our 2021–22 season with the UIC Choral Festival. This year’s guest artists are Coty Raven Morris from Portland State University and Connor Koppin, composer/conductor based in Los Angeles.

Coty Raven Morris, founder of Being Human Together, authored a children’s book, “What Do You Want to Be.” Together, with Connor Koppin, we conceived of the idea to write, illustrate, compose, and perform Coty’s original poem in the form of a children’s book. The choral commission, “When I Grow Up,” asks us about who we are, who we wish to become, and what can we do NOW? As a collective, the UIC Choirs and guest high school choirs will perform and record the commission at the end of the invitational.

We look forward to sharing our choral festival with you!

Liza Calisesi Maidens
Director of Choral Activities
School of Theatre and Music, University of Illinois Chicago