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Bachelor of Arts in Music

Bachelor of Arts in Music

Follow your passion. Study music while developing a strong liberal arts foundation. Take core music courses and four terms of private instruction while playing in music ensembles and taking advantage of over 200 other disciplines at UIC. Some BA Music students pursue a second degree.

Student highlights:

“My experience at UIC has been unimaginably unique. I must admit that stepping into the world of western music was really intimidating in the beginning, given my background in eastern music. But the support and sense of community that my professors and peers have given me truly makes me appreciative of how far I’ve come. UIC has not only helped me discover my wings but also paint them with vibrant colors that makes me really proud of myself!”

— Anjusha Priyavanshi, Class of 2022

“Beyond the music education, I gained vital skills during my time at UIC, such as effective rehearsal management, and how to connect with the larger music community. These skills have helped to secure regular performance opportunities and to run a successful multi-teacher music studio.”

— Alexandra Plattos Sulak, Class of 2011