Ensemble Auditions

All auditions will be held in the ETMSW building, 1040 W. Harrison.

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Bands & Orchestra
Jazz Ensembles
Athletic Bands

Bands & Orchestra

Audition dates for Fall 2017 will be posted by the beginning of August. Please check back for more details at a later date. See Additional Information for information on hearings for those specifically interested in University Band.  The following is information regarding the audition procedure.  Please read carefully.

Audition Procedures:

  • Note the date, time, and location of the audition block for your instrument.  Sign-Up sheets are located on the board next to L048 of the ETMSW building.  Sign up for a time that works for your schedule.  Auditions will occur in eight-minute intervals in Rm L033.  Percussion auditions will be in L060.
  • Arrive at the audition site 20 minutes prior to the start of your audition block.  Practice rooms are available on the lower level of the ETMSW building.
  • There will be a stand outside the audition site which has an information form and a media release form to fill out. You will indicate what ensembles you are auditioning for here.  Please fill this out prior to your audition.
  • If you have any questions, please wait until the current audition to finish and feel free to ask the directors inside any questions you may have.
  • If you are not able to audition during your instrument’s slot time, please email Dr. Riojas at jriojas@uic.edu to schedule an alternate time.

Audition Material:

Musical excerpts from Spring 2017 auditions are included below. Excerpts may be changed for the 2017-18 season.
Prepare all or a portion of each excerpt. String players should be prepared to play one or two scales, up to three sharps and three flats.


Additional Information:

  • Auditions are intended to provide the directors with the information needed to place students in the correct ensemble, assign parts appropriately, and program the best music for each ensemble.  Auditions are not intended to disclude anyone from participation in the Band and Instrumental Music Program.  All are welcome!
  • Students interested exclusively in the UIC University Band should just plan to attend the first meeting. The date will be posted by the beginning of August. You will receive a syllabus and music for hearings to be heard soon afterwards.  These are quick hearings held in order to place students on appropriate parts. Hearings do not disclude anyone from participation in the University Band.  All are welcome!
  • First rehearsal dates for the UIC Wind Ensemble, University Band, and Orchestra will be posted soon. Those placed in a Chamber Music Ensemble will first meet the second week of school as organized by your instructor according to your schedules.
  • It is a requirement for members of all ensembles to enroll in the proper course and section for each ensemble (MUS 151, MUS 157, MUS 152; 1 Credit Hour).  Exceptions to this requirement are considered on an individual basis by the appropriate instructor.  Please contact Dr. Riojas at jriojas@uic.edu if you have any questions or concerns regarding this policy.

Upcoming performances:
UIC Wind Ensemble & University Band
APR  18, Logan Center for the Arts

UIC Orchestra
APR 21, UIC Theatre
For more information, please visit our events page.

​​The UIC Choirs

To sing with The UIC Choirs, please register and come to class. All singers in University Choir and Women's Choral Ensemble will take a short written theory quiz and do “voice screenings” in class. Chamber Choir requires an audition. If you are new, you should have 1) basic music reading skills, 2) previous choral experience, 3) a pleasant voice, and 4) a great attitude!

To brush up on your music theory and reading, visit musictheory.net. You may also take UIC's MUS 107 (Music Fundamentals for Non-Majors).

Audition Appointment (Chamber Choir only)

Auditions will take between 15-20 minutes and include:

  • Short music-understanding quiz
  • Listening to range and timbre of voice
  • Pitch matching
  • Sight reading
  • Brief discussion about past experience 

Auditions will take between 15-20 minutes and include:

Jazz Ensembles

UPDATED JULY 8, 2016: All students who wish to play in a jazz group must audition each year. Auditions will take place during the first week of classes. 

Monday, August 22: 12-2:15 pm (Room L285)
Tuesday, August 23: 2-3:30 pm (Room L260) and 5-7 pm (Room L285)
Sign up for an audition slot here. 
Repertoire: Select the 2 scores for your instrument below. Prepare the bracketed passages of Groove Merchant, plus the melody and an improvisation on Autumn Leaves.
Alto Sax I   Alto Sax II  /  Tenor Sax I   Tenor Sax II  /  Bari Sax I   Bari Sax II  /  Trumpet I   Trumpet II  /  Trombone I   Trombone II

Monday, August 22, 2:30 pm (Room L285). All players should arrive at 2:30.
Repertoire: Select the scores for your instrument below. Prepare the bracketed passages of Groove Merchant, Autumn Leaves, and a blues tune in F.
If you are unable to audition on Monday, contact Prof. Andy Baker directly here.
Piano/Guitar I   Piano/Guitar II  /  Bass I (Treble Clef)   Bass I (Bass Clef)   Bass II  /  Drums I   Drums II

UPDATE: August 2016
Auditions will take place on Thursday, August 25 between 12:30PM - 3PM in Recital Hall (L285), ETMSW. All singers should arrive at 12:30.
Please prepare one verse of Sometimes I Feel Like a Motherless Child and one jazz tune of your choice. An accompanist will be provided.
Contact Cheryl Wilson with any additional questions.


Athletic Bands

UPDATED AUGUST 16, 2016: Students interested in the UIC Pep Band should attend the informational meeting on Tuesday, August 30, 5:45-7:00 pm in the ETMSW Building. If you have any questions please call (312) 996-5307 or come to room L017, ETMSW, 1040 W. Harrison St.