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Our music practice rooms are scheduled to be painted and have professional acoustic paneling installed over the next two weeks

To make this as painless as possible, we are doing it in two phases:

Phase 1 begins Monday, October 2. 
This phase includes blocking off seven of the rooms located closest to the Main Office.

Phase 2 begins on Monday, October 9.
This second phase includes blocking off the other seven rooms located closest to L060.

Access to the music lockers will be restricted during this period. Please clean out your lockers by the end of this weekMore detailed instructions will be communicated to you at your large ensemble rehearsals this week.

For Students who live on campus:
Please take your instrument and store it in your residence for this period of time.

For Commuter Students:

  1. If you only use your instrument during rehearsal times and do not plan to practice frequently during these weeks, we ask that you clearly label your instrument or ask Alayna Bell/Ensembles Staff to label your instrument and come to L033 to store your instrument safely
  2. If you frequently use your instrument during the week for class and practice sessions, we ask that you store it safely in the following ways:

             i.    Smaller instruments, like flutes and clarinets, can be assigned a Theatre locker (connect with Alayna Bell, bring your lock with you, relocate your instrument to the other side of the building).

             ii.    Larger instruments can be stored in L033 (connect with Alayna Bell).

If you have personal items such as textbooks and materials that need storage, a limited amount of Theatre lockers will be available. See Alayna Bell in L033 who will work with Neal McCollum to assign you a temporary Theatre locker. Bring your lock with you. Priority will be given first to storing smaller instruments. Once we have additional availability, we will issue lockers for personal items.

ALL MUSIC LOCKERS MUST BE CLEANED OUT BY FRIDAY AT 6PM. We ask that you remove everything before the end of this week.

During the first phase (October 2-6), the two drum practice rooms will be closed. One drum set will move to the percussion room (L059), the other will be moved to L267. Coordinate with our percussion professor, Jordan Kamps for access to L059.

We are canceling all outside group and non-STM-related course activity requests for these two weeks (October 2-October 13) so that we can keep L010, L017, L060, L225, L227, L241, L267, L269, and L285 available to students for practicing during non-scheduled times. 

Music faculty, we ask that you consider offering students access to your offices when appropriate and available. 

Students, we ask that you consider practicing outside when the weather conditions permit.

We apologize for the inconvenience of this disruption but are happy that we will be able to offer enhanced and improved facilities for our musicians.

Please reach out with any questions.

Brent C. Talbot
Acting Director