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the strangers by christopher oscar peña

Sep 30—Oct 8, 2022

UIC Theatre
1044 W. Harrison St.

By christopher oscar peña

Directed by Marcela Muñoz

Playwright christopher oscar peña reimagined Thornton Wilder’s Our Town with characters who represent our America today—people with a mix of racial, cultural and religious backgrounds, rather than the original all-white inhabitants of a New Hampshire hamlet. the strangers begins with a homecoming, or more accurately, “cris returns to a place he used to know,” to a town that peña calls “everytown”—a place that stands in for any hometown in America. cris has been away a long time, and his return instigates a love story. In the strangers, folks rise and fall like fireworks on the 4th of July, some big, some small: failures of empathy and failures of action that can change a life in an instant.  

Post-Show Talks: 10/02
Post-Show Topics: Community, Compassion and Difference

Please be advised, this performance includes adult content.