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Percussion Ensemble

Percussion Ensemble

conductor: Jordan Kamps

Credits: Offered for credit as Music 152

T/TH 6-7:30 PM

Location: Recital Hall (L285), ETMSW Building 1044 W Harrison St

The UIC Percussion Ensemble was founded in 2013 as an outlet for non-music majors to deepen their experiences performing percussion literature. The ensemble has since grown into a course serving as a cornerstone for major and non-major percussionists. In its 10 years, the UIC Percussion Ensemble has had the opportunity to premiere pieces from composers such as Igor Silva, Bruce A Russel, and Ivan Trevino. The group prides itself on performing a variety of repertoire. Each semester, the ensemble performs a standard from the cannon to deepen students’ connection to the idiom, a piece with an electronic component to give students the experience of performing with fixed media or click tracks, and other pieces that explore combinations of instruments not commonly found in any other ensemble or from composers with unique writing styles.