Theatre degrees offered include:

BA in Theatre & Performance

BA in Theatre Design, Production, & Technology

BFA in Acting

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Bachelor of Arts (BA) in Theatre & Performance

Our BA is designed to allow you the freedom to explore a wide range of theatre courses, then focus your studies on one of three specialities: general, performance or authorship

The flexibility of the program allows for a broad study of theatre or a double major. 

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Bachelor of Arts (BA) in Theatre Design, Production, & Technology

Develop a strong foundation in theatre through core courses then deepen your study in areas of design, production and technology. You can take courses in acting, scenic design, lighting design, costume design, make-up design, set construction, costume construction, directing, playwriting, and contemporary performance.

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Bachelor of Fine Arts (BFA) in Acting

Gain conservatory-style training in a liberal arts setting through our BFA in Acting, working closely with world-class faculty from Tony Award-winning theatres. You will take six semesters of voice for the actor and six semesters of movement for the actor. Eight semesters of acting will culminate in a semester-long audition class taught by casting directors from the Goodman Theatre and Chicago Shakespeare Theater.


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Minor in Theatre

If you plan to major in another discipline you can still complete a minor in theatre with only 18 credit hours.  Hone your skills, stay engaged and maintain your passion for theatre.


Admission Requirements
Admission is by audition for the B.F.A. and the B.A. Acting tracks, and by interview for the B.A. in Theatre Design.

Students should consult the department about the eligibility criteria for departmental distinction.