Partner / Internships

Goodman Theatre/ League of Chicago Theaters 

Professor Derrick Sanders in partnership with Goodman Theatre/ League of Chicago Theaters presents the annual August Wilson Monologue Competition which invites hundreds of Midwest-area high school students to compete in the Chicago Regional Semi-Finals in February.  The three winners travel to New York for the National Finals round in May which are presented by True Colors and Jujamcyn theaters at the August Wilson Theater on Broadway.   School of Theatre & Music (STM) provides rehearsal and competition space, faculty serve as performance coaches and judges, and theatre majors serve as mentors and event facilitators.

Hubbard Street Dance Chicago / Lou Conte Dance Studio

Partnership allows UIC theatre majors to take professional dance lessons for 1 credit and at no additional cost, and shares classroom and/or rehearsal space at both UIC and Hubbard Street locations for both UIC and Hubbard Street Dance Chicago.

Lookingglass Theatre Company

Partnership allows UIC student interns to spend a semester working with the artistic personnel of the company, either as interns with the artistic director or with the director of a particular show in the Lookingglass Theatre Company’s season. 

Steppenwolf Theatre Company

Summer New Work Development Internship

Partnership allows UIC student interns to spend a semester working with Steppenwolf's First Look series that fosters the creation and performance of new works. Interns observe the development of the work with the playwright and director as well as auditions, rehearsals, and performances. Each student's internship culminates in a presentation of that student's particular discoveries throughout the internship.

Casting Internship

Each semester, one or two UIC Theatre students assist the Steppenwolf Casting Assistant in each stage of selecting actors for a production. Student interns learn about the day-to-day functions of a professional theatre's artistic departments as they organize headshots, call actors and agents to schedule audition times, prepare sides and scripts for auditions and readings, and act as the monitor, and sometimes reader, for most Steppenwolf auditions in Chicago.

Eòlia Conservatory of Dramatic Arts

Study abroad partnership

Every year, multiple UIC Theatre students spend a semester in Barcelona at Eòlia, which places a strong emphasis on practical experience and the collaboration of actors, playwrights, and directors.

Eòlia – Conservatory of Dramatic Arts, founded in Barcelona in 2000, is associated with theater companies Tricicle, Dagoll Dagom, and The Galilei Project. Eòlia provides its students with high-quality training in the performing arts that places a strong emphasis on practical experience and the collaboration of actors, playwrights and directors. Eòlia seeks to help its students further develop their unique artistic selves.

Eòlia is closely connected to both the national and international theatre arts scene and has professional training programs for actors, singers, playwrights, dramaturges, producers, dancers, and musicians. These programs incorporate current and cutting-edge artistic techniques and are taught by renowned faculty active in the professional performing arts world. 
Eòlia is more than a theater school, it’s a living project––a space that offers students room to grow and an outlet for discovery.

National University of Ireland Galway

The University of Illinois at Chicago's School of Theatre & Music partnered with the National University of Ireland Galway's Discipline of Drama and Theatre Studies in 2018 with creative processes in theatre, drama, and performance.

The Discipline of Drama and Theatre Studies was established at NUI Galway in 2014 and is part of the School of Humanities.

The university has a long history of excellence in the performing arts – a history that pre-dates the establishment of Drama as a degree subject. Notable graduates include the co-founders of Druid Theatre, Garry Hynes and Marie Mullen, both of whom went on to become Tony Award winners for direction and acting respectively. The university now enjoys a close partnership with Druid Theatre, with whom runs a Druid Academy program for training emerging theatre-makers. The university also has formal partnerships with many other theatre companies and arts organizations, including the Abbey Theatre (Ireland’s national theatre), the Gate Theatre, the Galway International Arts Festival, and others.

Students from NUIG  enroll at UIC each fall semester, and students from UIC Theatre Department enroll at NUIG each spring semester.

The program at NUIG is best suited for STM BA students who will be able to take a number of courses that fulfill required, selective or elective degree requirements. However, BFA students may also submit. You can find information about Galway - a culturally rich city ranked as one of the top destinations in Ireland - and NUIG here

How to apply:                                                                              

1. Students write a brief essay (maximum of one page, single-spaced) on why they are interested, and why studying in Galway meet their interests as a student and theatre practitioner. Students should research the school ( ), the program, and the city, and reflect the knowledge gained from that research in their essay. Application date coming soon. 

2. A committee of faculty will review essays, and discuss the merits of each.  The students' record (following our Standards of Professionalism as outlined in the handbook--classwork, attendance, collegiality, etc.) will also be a factor in the committee's decision making.

Contact for more information and application dates.