Music courses


The School of Theatre & Music offers courses for its degree students as well as courses that satisfy General Education Requirements. Among the Gen Ed Music courses are those in: 

  • American Popular Music
  • Beginning Music Theory
  • Jazz
  • Latin American Music

Gened Music courses

MUS 118 - American Popular Music (Understanding the Creative Arts/ Understanding the Past) 
History of American popular music from 1850 to the twenty-first century. Analysis of musical characteristics, survey of traditions, and examination of social/cultural contexts of popular music developments. 

MUS 100 - Introduction to Music (Understanding the Creative Arts) 
Understanding what to listen for in music; emphasizes representative works from the Western classical tradition. 

MUS 107 - Fundamentals of Music Theory (Understanding the Creative Arts) 
Notation, metrical organization and rhythmic structure, scales and key signatures, intervals, triads, ear training, and sight singing. 

MUS 114 - Jazz History (Understanding the Creative Arts/ Understanding the Past) 
A nontechnical survey of the history and development of jazz from its West African roots to contemporary styles. 

MUS 127 - Latin American Music (Understanding the Creative Arts/ Exploring World Cultures) 
Survey class that introduces students to the rich repertoire of music in Latin America. It explores the history of genres, their development, instruments and representative artists in their geographical, social and cultural contexts. 

MUS 227 - Music Cultures of the World (Understanding the Creative Arts/ Exploring World Cultures) 
Examination of music throughout the world from an ethnomusicological perspective. Emphasis on classical, tribal, and folk musics; music as a cultural phenomenon. 

MUS 240 - Music, Gender and Culture (3 Hours) 
Examination of the intersection of music, gender and sexuality in different historical periods and cultures. Study of music's role in the formation and expression of gender identity in classical and popular music. Same as GWS 240. Creative Arts, and Individual and Society course. 

MUS 115 - Opera (Understanding the Creative Arts) 
Historical survey tracing the growth and development of opera from its beginnings to the present. 

MUS 117- Music for Symphony Orchestra (3 Hours) 
Music for symphony orchestra from Haydn to Bartok: symphony, overture, and tone poem.  

MUS 119 - Music for the Piano (3 Hours) 
A survey of three centuries of keyboard music, from the Baroque to the present. Creative Arts course.  

Music courses


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