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Documents for STM Students

STM Antiracism Advisory Committee Meeting notes and resources

Documents for Theatre Students

  • Internship Information - internships are available to juniors and seniors and must be approved by the department's Internship Coordinator

  • Contract-Independent Studies - all faculty and students must complete this and turn into the main office before an independent studies can be approved.

Documents for Music Students

The following are documents that are relevant to the daily functioning of students in the School of Theatre & Music. 

Theatre Student Handbook

Music Student Handbook



The UIC School of Theatre and Music condemns bias in all its forms: racism, sexism, xenophobia, homophobia, transphobia, ableism, ageism, and other discriminatory actions.* If you have an experience within the department that does not reflect our goals of respect and inclusion, if you need support around a conflict you are having with someone in the department, or if you’d like help gaining clarity around a challenging situation, please reference the steps below. We recognize that different situations call for different types of support.

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UIC Web for Students 

Student Resource Page
UIC student resource page listing links for all general information you may need during your student career.

Intent to Graduate (must be completed two semesters before you wish to graduate.)

Medical Immunization
The Illinois Department of Public Health requires that all students living in on-campus housing and born on or after January 1, 1957, entering a post-secondary institution are required to present documented proof of immunity (pdf) against certain diseases. 

Financial Matters
University Student Financial Service and Cashier Operations 

Student Self Service Login
Log into Student Self Service to register for classes, access online course information, section information, review and change your address, and emergency contact information, view your schedule, grades, academic history, holds and other personal information.