How do I attend UIC Theatre & Music?

The process is a little different for performing arts. Follow these steps to join our students.

  1. Apply to UIC through the Common Application.
  2. Arrange for your academics to be sent to the university:
    • High school students: official transcript, test scores (ACT or SAT), Common Application School Report.
    • Transfer students: official transcripts from all colleges and universities attended.
    • International students: you must also take and submit your TOEFL score.
  3. Apply for an audition for your requested program here: Theatre or Music. You do NOT have to wait to be accepted to the university to schedule your audition. You should do it as soon as you apply! All applicants must audition for consideration.
  4. Review the audition requirements (Theatre or Music), and prepare your audition. It is your responsibility to present a complete, prepared audition.

Already applied?

Schedule your theatre or music audition today!

How do I become a theatre or music minor?

1. Contact Neal McCollam to arrange a preliminary interview.
2. Once approved, declare your theatre minor with us, with your college’s student affairs office, and register for classes.

1. Contact Robert DiFazio to arrange a music theory diagnostic quiz.
2. Once you have passed the exam, declare your music minor with us, with your college’s student affairs office. Contact the College of Architecture, Design and the Arts (CADA) adivsor Lisa Tang before registering for music courses.
3. Did you pass Music 107 (fundamentals of Music Theory) with an “A” at UIC? You automatically qualify for the minor! Contact Robert DiFazio to declare the minor and register.

I'm admitted: what do I do now?

You got a call or email from us, and you got in. Congratulations! Heads up: this isn't your official UIC acceptance; you'll get that from the UIC office of admissions.

Once you've gotten our notification, complete the Intent To Enroll here. You must complete this to accept your STM offer, and any financial awards we have offered you. Deadline is December 1 for spring entry, May 1 for fall entry.

Talk to Us! Theatre & Music Admission Events

Visit campus on your schedule. Let us know when you'll be here and we'll arrange for you to see classes, rehearsal, and more!

Attend the Open House

Our campus-wide open house is Spet 22nd. Register here to attend our music and theatre Open House events!